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Time Out NY PR Manager Heads To Hachette Filipacchi Media
Time Out New York Publicity Manager Lindsay Kaplan is leaving the publication to join Hachette Filipacchi Media as Social Media Manager. Hachette publishes ELLE and Car & Driver, among other publications.

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Now you can find me—well, my Facebook, Twitter, Good Reads, Foursquare and this blog—over at So sleek and so easy, I might have to move my domain that way. So personal and over-sharey, I probably won’t.

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Advertisers will spend more on digital media than print in 2010

“Web ads to get a 10% boost in 2010. For the first time advertisers will spend more on digital than print.” —Forbes

But it’s not like they’re spending much. So as magazines and newspapers continue to suffer, the portion of ad dollars actually getting thrown at the web is still slight. And is it any wonder that advertisers want to invest in the new media? Spending is going digital, sure—but it’s still down.

Nothing to see here.

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V Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that no one is really sure what to do with anymore. Do we love it? Hate it? Embrace it? It rubs shoulders with the Super Bowl, President’s Day and Mardi Gras, creating a bitter cold month of mixed emotions. Every February, the media jumps on romance but won’t devote itself entirely to the cause. Just like Taylor Swift, the backlash brews, following a backlash of the backlash. But then February 14 rolls around and most of us are out to dinner, eating chocolates, gripping mail-order flowers and waiting around for the next big thing.

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I just want to know what industrious PR Industry meta-flack landed this gem.

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More Depressing News: With Visuals!

The death of print is even more depressing when mapped out in chart form.

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