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V Day

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that no one is really sure what to do with anymore. Do we love it? Hate it? Embrace it? It rubs shoulders with the Super Bowl, President’s Day and Mardi Gras, creating a bitter cold month of mixed emotions. Every February, the media jumps on romance but won’t devote itself entirely to the cause. Just like Taylor Swift, the backlash brews, following a backlash of the backlash. But then February 14 rolls around and most of us are out to dinner, eating chocolates, gripping mail-order flowers and waiting around for the next big thing.


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Ashley Dupre Successfully Kills Journalism

Young journalists, take heed:

You do not need to sleep your way into your dream job. Because your dream job should never take the form of a Carrie Bradshaw sex column in the New York Post.

And if you want to know if journalism is truly dead, you can thank Ashley Dupre for that.

(via Mediaite)

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REPORT: Conde, Hearst, News Corp, Time, Meredith Finally Announce Hulu For Magazines

Expensive PDFs will not save the magazine industry.   …It’s just a hunch.

(via the Silicon Valley Insider)

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The Old New Newsweek

After a massive last-ditch attempt to overhaul its image, Newsweek was faced with a new problem: how to brand a old new fangled magazine. How did they do? Well, the press push was paltry and there was no effort to engage the consumer. The Business Insider predicts Newsweek will fold in 2010.

Dismal circulation figures aside, the new Newsweek was doomed before you could say “redesign.” The magazine industry is ridding itself of the irrelevant titles, and there’s no longer an audience willing to pay for the weekly tiny niche between the Economist, the New Yorker, the internet and (of course) Time.

So long, Newsweek, auf Wiedersehen, good night.

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Denial and Dead Horses

I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but let’s.

Let’s discuss why Tiger Woods has gotten more press coverage this week than Obama’s Bush-ian surge.

Are we in total denial? Are we hiding behind America‘s favorite ne’er sweaty athlete and yet another celebrity sex scandal so we don’t have to deal with the fact that the man we voted for is breaking our bleeding-heart— well, hearts?

No. This is just what we do around here.

And anyway, it’s purely a coincidence. You know, the beating. With a club. You know.

And you can’t look away from it, either.

(image via Richard Gin)

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Get a shovel.

This lede wasn’t buried: it was shoveled so far down it practically hit China.

Best of the Decade

It’s been an unusual decade; I spent much of it hunched over spiral notebooks and laptop computers in libraries and cafés and at kitchen tables here and in France while writing a book (remind me to mention the bathroom, in a house in Normandy, that I rigged out as a nocturnal study), and didn’t maintain my usual diet of cinephilic delights. Which is why, though few who issue their best-of-decade lists can claim to have seen all releases, many have likely seen more than I have this time around, so I’ll put an asterisk to the adjective above and note: the twenty-six best movies I’ve seen (and will resist the temptation to issue a separate list of the best films I haven’t seen). The top ten are in order; the remaining sixteen are grouped according to incidental connections.

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Love Story

The media and the internet fell in love. It took a long time. The internet used to hit on the media, but the media was clearly out of the internet’s league. Time went by, and the media didn’t age gracefully, so it decided to bite the bullet and settle down with the internet, who was really just a late bloomer and had really turned into quite the pretty young thing. The internet was still in love, so it settled down with the media, but almost immediately grew antsy for more attention and adventure. It’s a volatile relationship. It’s a sexy relationship. Who wears the pants? Is the internet cheating? Will the media stick around and find out?

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