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Ebooks Outsell Real Books?

Depressing, invigorating, or encouraging? Maybe it’s just PR smoke and mirrors. Maybe it’s all another Amazon gimmick. I’m just pleased Americans are continuing to purchase books, regardless of the medium.

Digital Revolution? Kindle Ebooks Outsell Real Books on Christmas

According to Amazon, yesterday marked the first time that more ebooks were sold than real books.

(via Mashable)


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REPORT: Conde, Hearst, News Corp, Time, Meredith Finally Announce Hulu For Magazines

Expensive PDFs will not save the magazine industry.   …It’s just a hunch.

(via the Silicon Valley Insider)

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Foursquare is the new Twitter, is the new Facebook, is the new Myspace…

After Facebook went mainstream—you know, around the same time your mom’s yoga partner Joan friended you—and Oprah touted Twitter, 20-something iPhone-types needed a place to geek out where the masses wouldn’t find them. That’s where Foursquare came in, and that’s how Foursquare will go: silently in the good night, just like its brethren before it.

Foursquare’s sold out. Foursquare’s beta testing a BlackBerry app. They released their API for myriad (most likely awesome) apps to come.

While many have deemed the social networking app the next Twitter, the few of us who quietly check into bars and restaurants and, yes, even the gym, are biding our time until our mayorships are gone for good. Soon, we’ll be checking in with our mom’s yoga partner. Even worse: our mom’s yoga partner Joan will be stealing our mayorships from us. And then what, Foursquare? Will we have deputy mayors? Will real life fights emerge over cheating and multiple check-ins?

I don’t know, I won’t be around long enough anyway. I’ll be onto the next big thing. Don’t tell my mom. And definitely do not tell Joan.

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Love Story

The media and the internet fell in love. It took a long time. The internet used to hit on the media, but the media was clearly out of the internet’s league. Time went by, and the media didn’t age gracefully, so it decided to bite the bullet and settle down with the internet, who was really just a late bloomer and had really turned into quite the pretty young thing. The internet was still in love, so it settled down with the media, but almost immediately grew antsy for more attention and adventure. It’s a volatile relationship. It’s a sexy relationship. Who wears the pants? Is the internet cheating? Will the media stick around and find out?

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Everything new is old again.
If a media giant falls but no one on the internet comments, will the news aggregator receive any impressions?